Sunday Sum-Up 6.1.14

Happy June fellow readers!

I hope May was as wonderful to you as it was to me. I really enjoyed spending time on here and sharing my thoughts with everyone. If you missed anything read on to see what my favorite things that happened this month were.

Favorite Blog Posts:  1. Yoga For The Busy College Student    2. 21 Reasons Why Millennials Suck
    3. Summer Reading List

Sponsor of the Month: Clothes Over Boys

My Awesome Guest Bloggers: Amanda @ Brunette With A Bow, Lecie @ Acts of Courage, and Emma @ It's Emma Elise

Throw in a birthday and some awesome dates with the boyfriend and it was a pretty good month.

And with that, I give you May!

I can not wait to see all the things that June has in store for me! So far I have several fun things planned but as life goes, many more things will be popping up.

I will be working with a new jewelry brand, Southern Three.

I will be going self-hosted! Woot Woot


I have many more Guest Bloggers that will be sharing in the upcoming weeks!

Taking a step away from blogging, I would like to ask all my readers to take a few moments and pray for some on my boyfriends friends that were in a horrible car accident. One young man passed away and the other is going through a lot of grief. Without going in to detail, I ask each of you to keep these families in your thoughts.



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