Top Picks of June

June is coming to a quick end already and I can not believe that my summer is getting shorter and shorter by the day. I have spent most of this month working so I haven't had much free time to try out new products like I would have liked, but alas! there are a few items I have enjoyed.

I "promise" this will be the last time I share this picture! (I just can't help my obsession with Katy Perry...)
I have listened to this CD nonstop since I got it, which was like a week ago but that is still 7 days of KP on the way to and from work. Also these nail polishes have become my new favorites (I am sure this faze will die out after the 4th but until then, I will live it up) They were all under $2 from Walmart which is awesome enough in itself but they are also good quality for the price. I recently used the solid blue and blue glitter polish for a manicure and it lasted 4 full days before I chipped it at work. (That is a new record for any polish on my nails - Promise!) I love the idea of doing my nails for specific holidays but I would not want to spend a bunch of money for polish that will only be used for a short time. Therefore these polishes are perfect and I will definitely be picking up more colors. 

Tone Body Wash - 
I ran out of my Bath and Body Works body wash and was forced to use hotel bar soap for about 3 days (ewww.) before I was able to get to the store and pick up some body wash. This time I opted for Tone Pink Peony & Rose Oil. I chose this because I have previously used Tone and I have no complaints and also because I have yet to see a blogger who has said something bad about peonies... I like the scent a lot and it makes my skin feel much better than the bar soap that I suffered through did. Tone has always been a reliable brand to me and I will definitely be getting the brand again. (however I will probably get the newest available scent next time because I dislike using the same exact thing twice)

Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment with Argan Oil - 
This stuff is amazing! Need I say more? I picked this up when one of my readers suggested I use Argan Oil on my last "Top Picks" post. They were right and now I am passing this bit of information on to you. Argan Oil is a lifesaver to dry, damaged, and brittle hair. I use this about once a week after I wash and condition my hair. I leave it in for about 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing it out. It has drastically improved the condition of my hair. This is one of those rare products that I will be getting over and over again to use weekly. 

New York & Company - 
Last but not least I am sharing my favorite store of June. I used to only buy jeans from NY&C but that changed this month when I noticed they were having an 80% off sale! Yes 80% off! I have been in the need of nice business casual clothes to wear for future interviews, conferences, etc and I found some amazing staples during this sale. For $60 I picked up three dressy tank tops, two skirts, and a pair of pants. With these staples alone, I can create seven outfits. When I add in pieces I already own, the possibilities are endless. I suggest you check out their website if you are looking for some good "grown up" outfit staples! 

Maybe July will be full of more items to review! If you use any of these items or have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment! :)




  1. I still need to buy the Katy Perry CD! I can't believe i haven't yet! But I am glad to hear it is so good!

    1. It is amazing! I have listened to it non-stop!