Yoga for the Busy College Student

One thing that I really enjoy doing is Yoga! It has become a way for me to relax, strengthen myself, and gain confidence. Before heading to college, I practiced almost daily and loved taking an hour or so and spending it on my mat. However, when I got to college, I was instantly bombarded with so many things to so and my yoga practice took a backseat to studying, sorority events, and socializing. 

Now that it is summer I am rededicating myself to yoga with the goal of spending at least 10 minutes a day practicing poses. Through yoga, I have learned a lot about myself and have learned to let go in many ways. Previously I believed that yoga had to be done on your mat and had to take at least an hour. However, I am now realizing that yoga is not specific to any location or time frame. You can take ten minutes practicing one pose or an hour and a half in a class and you are doing yoga either way. 

One excuse I always made was that I did not have enough time in college to keep up with my practice. Now I realize that this was just an excuse. No matter how busy you are you can take a few minutes out of your day and continue your practice. 

As tempting as it is to try out all the "cool" poses, it is in the best interest of you to start slow if you are a beginner and work your way up.

Moves every student should practice regularly:

A good source of motivation to keep up your yoga practice is following yogis on Instagram. They often post up yoga challenges that you can take part in. 

There are many ways for a college student to stay active in a regular yoga practice. All it takes is a little effort. 




  1. Great Post! I really would love to try and do some more yoga, especially sine I'm a flexible person. I love how you note that you can really do yoga anytime, anyplace (well, almost, I wouldn't do it at the mall lol)


    1. Haha! I am sure yoga has been done in a mall before, but you're right, I will probably not jump into a handstand in the mall! I hope you do continue to practice yoga! It will keep up your flexibility and make you feel better!

  2. I have never really practiced yoga, but all these poses look pretty great. I am always saying that I will dedicate more time to exercise, but alas the excuses stuff kicks in often. I will definitely keep this in mind as I am always into trying new things!

    1. Yes! Excuses are my downfall! Yoga is a great thing to try out, so I hope you do!

  3. GIRL I am all about that downward dog for stress relief. NAMASTE ALL DAI.