Perfect Pressure

I would love to tell you all (and myself) that every Friday I am going to take about 5 minutes and write about whatever topic has recently been thrown at me. However I am realizing that I am not perfect and I will never be able to keep up with a monumental task like this. Instead I am going to say that when I have the time and remember to, I will take 5 minutes on Friday's and write about said topic.

Today's topic which has been something pressing hard on me lately is the pressure to be perfect.

I feel the pressure to be perfect almost daily. Whether I am in school, work, or even blogging I push myself so hard to strive for perfection. I will nearly beat myself up if I realize that I have made a careless mistake and this causes great stress on my body. Weight gain and loss, breakouts, anxiety. All of it is mostly self created in my pursuit to perfection.

That's why I am taking a break from perfection (indefinitely). I am learning to live a happy, imperfect life. I am no longer striving for an unattainable goal.

I am happy being me. Mistakes and all!


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