#SummerBloggerChallenge - 21 Summer Goals

In my mind it has been summer for quite some time, but in reality summer literally just began! Several weeks ago, I joined in with a few other blogger friends and decided to participate in the Summer Blogger Challenge! Each week one of my posts will be dedicated to a specific topic for this challenge and I will include this logo in these posts!

For the first week I am sharing 21 things I plan on doing this summer! (because summer started on the 21st!)

1. Spend as much time with Dylan as possible (come back this Tuesday for more information on him...)

2. Work with my kiddos and not take my time with them for granted! 

3. Have my nails painted at least 50% of the week

4. Get a pedicure with my Bestie!

5. Talk Dylan into purchasing Katy Perry tickets next time she comes around these parts!

6. Make a detailed list for LA 2015! (include info about prices, reservations, etc.)

7. Start saving money for LA2015...

8. Take another beach trip with mommy!! (Charles 2014?)

9. Finish redoing my at home bedroom.

10. Cross off more items on my 101 in 1001 list

11. Include Yoga into my everyday schedule.

12. Continue working with awesome brands like these: MKM , Clothes Over Boys, Southern Three

13. Become more confident in talking about my personal opinions!

14. Try out some awesome new restaurants!

15. Kayaking. 

16. Eno (Dylan, I am still waiting on this... I will not forget)

17. Figure out my college situation...

18. Sleep in past 8am!

19. Binge watch Orange is the New Black, The Fosters, and The Client List

20. Watch more movies than I can count on my hands!

21. Read these super awesome books!

What are you doing this summer?




  1. What's that nail polish with the silver stars? I like it! :)

    Found you through the #SummerBlogger group!

    1. It's the Pure Ice brand from Walmart! It's a limited edition 4th of July style (I found it in the end caps!) The best thing is it was only $1.97!!


    2. Thanks! I'm a sucker for most holiday themed things, hahah.

  2. Wow I should really do this summer blogger challenge!! I love the nail polish with the silver stars and I also feel that I'm going to be binge watching The Fosters soon too :).

    1. You really should! Email me at bethjenkins1228@gmail.com if you would like more information on it! You can still join! Also, you are officially awesome for watching The Fosters! It's the best!!