Best Knives for Females

Hello all! 

Today I am discussing one of my favorite topics, knives! Just kidding, they aren't my favorite topic... Still, I am discussing them today! About 2.5 years ago the extent of my "knife knowledge" was that they went to the left in the kitchen drawer and I got one when I needed to cut food... I could use scissors to cut anything else. Then I started to date Dylan, and let's just say I slowly began to learn about the necessity of a knife. 

Now, since most of you are new to knives, I will let you in on the fact that all the knives I will recommend today will be production knives (as opposed to custom knives - there is a difference) much to the dismay of said boyfriend, knife collectors, and custom knife makers world wide. Anyway, I feel production knives are perfect for females because honestly it will stay in either your pocket or purse and probably only come out when needed. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on one! 

Anyway, as a female, you may not think a knife is necessary (I once thought that as well) but start carrying one and it will quickly become a useful tool in your day to day life. From opening packages to cutting tennis balls, I find myself reaching for my knife (or hunting it out of my purse in a cabinet because I work in a building that has absolutely no knives other than the one I carry in it) almost daily. It is also helpful at taking tags off clothing, which has been a lifesaver to my teeth! 

Now in my humble opinion these are the knives I suggest for females:

Benchmade 530 Pardue - 

My boyfriend bought this knife and I just took it from him because I honestly love it. It is super light, easy to flip open, and fits well in my hand, which is all I need to qualify a knife as good. This is my go to daily knife and I have used it to cut open tennis balls for my kids, open packages for my boss, and (gasp!) scrape gum off the floor. It is also perfect to clip to my bra when I go running. It does not impair my run, yet it makes me feel a little safer. It could potentially be problematic as I am a college student living on a campus that does not allow knives with blades longer than 3" and this blade is 3.25" but I will worry about that when I run into that issue. Anyway, if you actually do decide to purchase one of the knives I share today, get this one (or the CRKT Minimalist)!

Kershaw Scallion in Purple - 

I also own this knife (in pink though!) I received this knife for my 17th birthday and it was my favorite until I got the Benchmade Pardue. However, this knife is a really good knife for a female. It has a 2.25" blade that would not result in any issues with the residence life staff and the knife fits well in a women's hand. It has an auto-assisted flipper, which makes it flip open at nearly the push of a button. This means you will not struggle trying to open your knife and you'll look pretty cool when you whip it out! The biggest issue with this knife is the fact that no one will honestly take you serious with a pink or purple knife... To fix that issue, you could always choose a different color. The Kershaw Scallion comes in many different styles so your heart can easily be contented. 

Benchmade Mini-Griptilian - 

If you happen to like the thought of owning a knife in pretty much any color you could ever want, look into purchasing the Mini-Grip. Though I do not own this knife, Dylan owns the regular size Griptilian, and it has served him well. With a 2.91" blade, the Mini-Grip will also pass the residence life policy for all you college students reading this! I have held one of these and while it does fit well in a smaller hand, the handle takes a little bit of getting used to due to the material it is made of. Once you use it a few times, you will realize that is a really good, sturdy knife that will accomplish any task you could need it for! 

CRKT Minimalist - 

Last but not least, I will share my favorite fixed blade...ever! It is $30 and I will probably be the only person to describe this as adorable. Dylan used to have one, but he sold it and I am now waiting "patiently" on him to purchase me a new one. This blade is only 2" and comes with a sheath so it can be worn around the neck below the clothing. When Dylan owned his, I would occasionally wear it, and would not even notice that I was wearing it until I needed to use it. This knife is basically another way to help a female feel safe in unsafe environments. The handle is designed to fit securely in hand and the knife can be used for tasks such as cutting food or tags. 

I hope you enjoyed my uneducated opinions of knives!


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