What's In My Bag // Guest Post

Hello Readers! Happy Thursday to you all! I don't know about you but I am in a wonderful mood today. I slept well and am soon heading to VBS to shadow my kids. Finding happiness in everyday is actually pretty easy if you just take a moment to look for it. Enough about me, today one of my newest blogger friends, Orly, is taking over Wandering Forevermore. Orly is the author behind Coffee Beans and High Heels. Journalism-student to be, she enjoys writing and reading. If you want to check out her blog go here!

I really love this article she has shared today and hope you enjoy it as well!

Summer, the perfect time to go on a long vacation. No matter where you go, there is a chance you will take a plane. If you are anything like me, you hate traveling day. Don’t get me wrong, I love airports. I love walking around and seeing the little shops and trying new perfumes at the Duty Free, and eating like a maniac because somehow I get incredibly hungry when I travel. I never realized how much I hated planes until last year, when I traveled to Israel and I was alone for 9 hours.  What did I think during that time?
·        The “bathrooms”. I need to pee, but the bathroom is way too small. No space to turn around or even move. People are messy, and most of them can’t aim the toilet. The smell is hideous, and after a few hours they are not even usable!

·        The Last Row: thankfully I haven’t been in the last row in a long time. But these are the WORST. SEATS. EVER. People will visit you because they need to use the bathroom, and every time they open that door the smell of that little room will go out. Add the small space for your legs, the light from the crew space and the fact that you won’t be able to rest your sit and you will have an amazing ride!

·        Plane food: I just gave up on this. There was a time when I just asked for the bread and fruits., but it was icy cold and couldn’t eat it. So hence to my crazy eating before the plane. I just pack some snacks and drink the beverage they serve. But I need a warm meal!

·        Family with kids: I actually love kids, but being in a plane coped with crying babies is not my idea of fun. Parents, give your children warm milk and something to calm them, please.

·        Waiting for my suitcase: is that mine? No, mine is not purple. Please arrive, please arrive. The agony of not knowing if your suitcase arrived or is somewhere around the globe is horrible. But most likely it’s there, and when you finally see it (them) It’s a magic moment

I normally travel with a backpack, which contains an emergency kit so the trip can be bearable.

My Iphone:  how else will I play Candy Crush for 5 minutes and then wait 2 and a half hours to play again?

Ipod: so I can ignore the old lady who is showing me the pictures of her 5 cats 

Pen: so I can write

Moleskine: so I have a place to write.

Makeup bag: for some reason I look like a zombie when I go out of the plane. So a little bronzer will make me look better.

Seventeen Magazine: because Sky Mall makes me jealous of the things I can’t buy, and let’s face it, it’s a great magazine

Book: do I need to explain this one?

Chips: or any snack, I hate food served on a plane

Teddy Bear: or a small pillow so I can rest.


  1. thank you for the oportunity of being a guest post on your blog!

    1. Thank you for this excellent post! My readers are loving it and I am too!


  2. I'm just about to set out and travel (10 hour flight whaddup) the day after tomorrow so this post came in perfect timing! Notebook is definitely a must when traveling! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

    1. I hope your flight goes well! 10 hours is a crazy amount of time on a plane!

  3. I'm loving the seventeen magazine choice! Great entertainment!

    1. I still love 17 as a 20 year old! No shame!