So Long, Farewell // Giveaway

Hello lovelies!

I am stepping back from the blogging world this week as I recreate/redesign this lovely little blog and launch a new blog with a few friends! I be active on Instagram and maybe Twitter so please check me out over there! I will be back on Friday!

Don't worry though, I am not leaving you empty handed! My good friend, Amanda, is hosting a huge back-to-school giveaway with over $300 in prizes!!

Back-To-School Giveaway


Summer Playlist

It seems like the summer is almost over but I still a few weeks left to enjoy some time off of school. I have spent everyday of my summer working with some of the most amazing kids I know.

One thing I always share with these kids is music. (music calms most of my autistic kids anyway) So, when I take my kids outside or to go swing in between their work I pull up Pandora and play my favorites!

My go to summer playlist ranges from Katy Perry to OneRepublic to George Strait and more!

I would have to say my top ten songs that have played nonstop on my radio would be:

1. I've Got a Car - George Strait

2. Something I Need - OneRepublic

3. By the Grace of God - Katy Perry

4. Lightning in a Bottle - The Summer Set

5. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong United

6. Drunk on a Plane - Dirks Bentley

7. River Back - Brad Paisley

8. Beachin' - Jake Owen

9. 10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman

10. Meanwhile Back at Mama's - Tim McGraw

What are your top songs this summer?



3 Best Summer Beauty Products // Giveaway

Every summer I like to try out new products in hopes of finding one that stick around for a while. While I have not found a bunch of products that I want to continue buying, a few products have stuck out in my mind.

1. Agran Oil - There is no particular brand here, but I have fallen in love with Argan Oil this summer. I use shampoo and a weekly deep conditioner with this oil and it has worked serious wonders on my hair!

2. BB Cream with SPF - To be honest, I am very lazy in the mornings before work. I never do the full foundation/powder/etc thing. I have been using a BB Cream with added SPF in order to even out my skin tone as well as protect my skin!

3. Sea Salt Spray - Going hand in hand with my laziness is my lack of ability to spend more than 5 minutes on my hair in the morning. I am a huge fan of spraying it with a sea salt spray when it is slightly wet and letting it air dry into natural beachy waves. It is a perfect look for summer and a perfect look for my laziness!

Now it's your turn...

My friend Emma, from It'sEmmaElise (along with the help of many bloggers) has decided to help you all find some new products to love this summer. Use the Gleam widget below and enter to win some awesome items!

  • Kiss Nail Dress set (neon Aztec pattern, in both Full and French)
  • Sally Hansen I <3  Nail Art Tool Kit
  • NYC Liquid Lipshine, in Nude York City
  • NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer
  • NYC Sun 'n' Bronze, in Hamptons Radiance
  • Hard Candy That's How Eye Roll, in Drama
  • NYC Great Last Lip Color, in Traffic Jam
  • Hard Candy Nail Color, in Bachelor Party
  • Remington Head Band, in gold
  • Long Chain Necklace with Stone Casted Owl Pendant, in Silver/Crystal

  • Summer Beauty Haul 


    Bows on Bows // Giveaway

    *The items discussed in this post were sent to me free of charge to review for blog purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

    Hey Guys! Today I am super excited to share this wonderful new company I found on Etsy! OhHeyIt'sSarahJean is a cute little company in Ohio that specializes in headbands and hair bows, monogrammed of course! Sarah also monograms hats, koozies, tees and tanks, and beach towels!

    I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful pink chevron hair bow and monogrammed koozie to share with you all!

    The koozie is great and because it is monogrammed, I will not lose it at cookouts or the pool. I love having this small touch of personalization on this item!

    The hair bow is a definite God send. The color is great, because I wear coordinating colors almost daily, and keeping my hair out of my face at work is a must. I wore this to work one day (I work with children, jsyk) and it stayed put all day, which I was very amazed by!

    I really love these two items from Sarah and can not wait to get more use out of them. Next on my list is to pick up one of her "famous" headbands! (or one of the seersucker hairbows- there are so many options!)

    Now for my readers! Sarah has so graciously agreed to giveaway one mint monogrammed hair bow and a headband. (pictured below) Use the Rafflecopter to enter and good luck! Be sure to check Sarah out on Etsy and Instagram and make an order!


    Blogmopolitan Weekend

    Hello All!

    If you are reading this, I am at Orientation for College Round 2 because, by the Grace of God, I found a public school willing to accept my private school credits! So to make life easier on us all I am participating in Two Thirds Hazel's Blogmopolitan Quiz and sharing a bit about myself! I hope you enjoy! I will be around soon!


    The Testimony // Guest Post

    Hello loyal Readers! I am wrapping up my Summer Guest Series this week! I have enjoyed having everyone share posts on my blog and I hope you have all enjoyed them! The last post that is  being shared is this beautiful Testimony from my dear friend Lecie! I hope you enjoy!
    My Story! 
        Before I start my testimony, just wanted everyone to know that 
    writing/typing this out is easy, but saying it in person is extremely hard! I 
    hope it inspires you to go and share and help others! 
        This is not a very happy story in the beginning but towards the end it get's 
    better. I'm not going to describe every detail, only what is really important. 
    The first school I ever went to was SC Elementary. I had good 
    days & I had bad days...well...the truth is  I HATED school! I know every kid 
    doesn't like school, but I HATED school! The reason is I was bullied everyday I 
    have no idea how it started or what I did. (This is VERY HARD to talk about) 
    Middle School (6th-7th) wasn't any better. In sixth grade my Aunt L died and it 
    was hard for me, then in seventh grade my nanny died on Christmas Eve. That 
    death was almost impossible for me I just couldn't believe that she was really 
    gone from my life. Good thing I had a family & "adult" friends to help me 
    through it. I was fine until that one day when I decided that is was worthless 
    for me to be here "earth"! My friends (at the time)(no longer friends) A. S. and
    A. L. told the counselor & they got to me before I could do 
    anything! The only people that stuck with me through that awful day & after 
    (February 2009) was my coach and the counselor at the school. She is the 
    greatest coach I've ever had and the counselor was always there to help me. All 
    this drama began before the school went to New York City; when I returned to 
    school it had to be the hardest thing I had ever done. I begged mama not to let 
    me go I was scared to death about what would happen or what people would say. 
    The counselor at the school (she goes to my church) popped in my 1st period 
    class (English) to tell my teacher something, but I think that she wanted to 
    check on me. I went home crying EVERYDAY. I just wanted to get out of there...I 
    felt like I was suffocating. I had to get out of there and fast! 
         C (Andy's girlfriend at the time (Andy is one of my brothers)) 
    went to a private school named E Academy, so mom & dad looked into 
    it. Before I knew it we were going to look at the school :D!!!!! I was super 
    nervous about moving to a new school but we knew it was for the best. The 
    beginning of my eighth  grade year I started E Academy, I was super nervous. [Okay so 
    this is super hard writing all this stuff down.] Well anyways  I was so nervous 
    the first day of school at E Academy. A girl named A. G. said "We should 
    introduce ourselves to the new students." I was so scared that no one would like 
    me or would think I'm weird. Throughout the year I bonded more with so many 
    people. I was so happy & a totally different person. Ever since that day, I've 
    been a totally different person!!! 
         In March of 2012 (the exact date is March 16-18, 2012) I went to a 
    conference/retreat in a nearby city called Plugged In, it was for girls. 
    My best friend Beth (check her out at Wandering Forevermore) invited me. 
    My small group leader that me, & the girls we met in our group 
    had was named Mrs. N. She was amazing! Friday night took all of my courage &
    strength to talk to her; what I mean by that is opening up to her was so hard 
    but so worth it! That retreat was amazing I haven't had that much fun & haven't 
    cried that hard since camp a few years ago. What I told Mrs. N was what I said 
    in the beginning of this testimony.  That's why Plugged In was such a 
    breakthrough! At Plugged In is where I gave my life to Christ! 
    Yep...Saturday night while our group was praying! I am so thankful for 
    Plugged In :)! I went to that event scared to death because I 
    didn't know what was going to happen! God had a purpose and now life couldn't be 
    better! I've laughed more and cried less!!!! Sometimes life is rough, but that 
    is normal. I keep my focus on God and what He wants for my life! Jeremiah 29:11 
    & Proverbs 3:5-6! No matter what happens in life good or bad...God will always 
    help you through it! Life after that weekend has been great and terrible, but 
    God literally saved me from making the worse mistake of my life. A mistake that 
    could of ruined my family and friends lives! Even though it's painful to talk 
    about God is using my testimony to help others with the same issues that I went 
    through! So you are NEVER alone! Just have faith and trust in Him! 
         ****Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you declares the 
    Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a 
         *****Proverbs 3:5-6 is my favorite verse & it says, "Trust in the Lord with 
    all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways 
    acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight."****** 
    "They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the 
    breaking of bread and to prayer." ~Acts 2:42 


    Aztec Mani

    Hello all! 

    Today has been one of those days where I came home from work, layed on the couch, and haven't moved since! Well I lied slightly... I felt the need to be productive so I painted my nails! 

    Earlier this week I picked up some LA Colors polish at Walmart for $.98 on clearance and today I decided to put it to the test! 

    Using a nude base and a black style pen, I gave myself a neutral Aztec style manicure! I am loving the new thin brushes and can't wait to create more styles! 

    Aside from a slightly unsteady hand, I think it turned out well! 

    Oh and for the Jane Austen book! I received this lovely novel in the Summer Book Swap from my new friend, Christine! I haven't finished the book yet, but I'm almost there! (Catching up on the Classics) 

    Have you ever tried an Aztec print? How did it turn out? 
    What style should I try next? 



    Sunday Sum Up 7.13.14

    It has been a while since I have written a Sunday Sum Up so I figured I would do so today.

    For the past 5 days I have been running the Spoiled Doggie Inn for my "neighbor" (Neighbor is taken lightly in this case because I am from the boonies and actually live 2 miles away!) Anyway, it has been 5 days of waking up at 6 am and taking care of the doggies. While I have thoroughly enjoyed spending a week with doggies, I have decided to not change my career plans in order to own a dog kennel! I prefer my kiddos to my doggies any day!

    And if you were unsure, fixing dinner for dogs is an art. I promise you that!

    I have a lot of free time with this job so all of that time has been spent watching Harry Potter on ABC Family... I tweeted a lot about that! It was my first time being exposed to Harry Potter and I am not dissatisfied!

    Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend came over holding bag loaded with goodies! (from Target!!) He decided to pick up a random gift for me which included an outfit, a coke with Beth, and a bag  of "randoms." I was excited to say the least!

    How has your week been?



    What to Wear to an Evening Outdoor Summer Wedding

    Earlier this week I shared some great dresses to wear to an outdoor summer wedding in the afternoon. I loved this post so much that today I am sharing some great dresses to wear to an evening summer wedding!

    The main difference between an afternoon and evening wedding is usually the evening weddings are slightly more formal, so think maxi dresses and slightly dressier styles.

    My top choices are:

    1. Modcloth - Pretty Packages Dress

    2. Modcloth - Patio Party Hostess Dress

    3. Modcloth - Ideal Days Dress

    4. Jcrew - Linen Maxi Dress

    5. Loft - Strappy Maxi Dress

    What are your favorite styles to wear to weddings?



    Book Review // Guest Post

    Once again it is Thursday and I am wrapping up my Summer Guest Series. I will have one more guest post after this lovely one by Erika of Bearika Rose and that will be it! I have enjoyed sharing these posts each week and have had a blast meeting some awesome new bloggers! I hope you enjoy this book review! (I mean it's comparable to a shot..how could it get any better?) I think I will be heading out to pick this book up next!

    Your beach day is in the calendar; your sunscreen on the shelf and that new bikini is hanging pretty in your closet. The only thing that’s missing is that summer novel to keep your mind occupied while the sun is working its magic.

    And boy do I have the book for you...

    Shotglass* Review:

    Vampires in the Lemon Grove, by Karen Russell, has to be one of my favorite 2014 summer reads. Not only is it a quick one, but it’s also by a critically acclaimed author (so I feel smart while reading it). Of course my mum recommended it to me – she’s always giving me the books I should read (and I read about half of them).

    The book is a set of unrelated short stories. They are set all over the world in practically modern times, but every one has a touch of magic in it. Some stories are better than others – my favorite is the second one. And they can be quite creepy as well; giving you shivers while you’re in the hot sun (or in my case curled up in bed after midnight). Russell has the ability to mold her prose around the narrator of each story. The vocabulary shifts, and the sentence length and structure vary depending if the narrator is a five hundred year old vampire or an eleven-year-old boy or a young Chinese woman.

    And because the stories are no longer than 20 pages, they make for perfect mini-reads on the beach in between trashy romance novels. Making your brain work a little harder to piece together meaning and metaphor and beauty. Russell’s imagery is spot-on, so when you look up expecting to see the sand and waves, you’ll see a single room with a locked door, or a lemon grove.

    If a story doesn’t take your fancy, then skip it! And let me know over on my blog if you’ve read the book, and what your favorite story is. I’m betting it’s number two as well.

    *a shotglass review, is a short, quick to the point review of something that gets the message across in as few lines as possible (much like a shot in terms of alcohol).


    What to Wear to an Afternoon Outdoor Summer Wedding

    The wedding season is upon us and if you haven't already attended your fair share of weddings this summer, I am sure you have one you are planning on attending soon.

    In about two weeks I will be watching one of my high school friends as she celebrates her marriage to her new husband. I couldn't be happier for her and I am super excited to celebrate with her.

    Today I am sharing my top picks for an afternoon outdoor summer wedding. Remember if you're like me and live in the south, it will be hot so be sure to choose fabrics that are lightweight!

    1. Soaring Through the Day Dress - Modcloth

    2. Day After Day Dress - Modcloth

    5. Charm Print Notched Sleeveless Shirtdress - Loft

    Check here for what to wear to an Evening Outdoor Summer Wedding!


    Ten on Tuesday

    After a long day at work, I am beyond ready to take some time and relax. I am thinking painting my nails will take care of the relaxation. I might even take some time and read.

    Currently I am: 

    Craving:     Sushi... That is all.

    Missing:     Dylan, our work schedules clash so we don't see each other that often.

    Reading:     Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

    Wishing:     that my college situation would hurry up and work out!

    Listening:     to Something I need by One Republic and Walking on Air by Katy Perry... and everything else by Katy Perry

    Wearing:     Comfort Colors! haha. I have been wearing all my new clothes from my New York & Company Haul.

    Lusting:     after all my friends at the beach because I am not there. Same goes for those hiking and kayaking. 

    Watching:     Orange is the New Black season 2!!

    Smelling:     Fresh Cotton and Sun and Sand candles. <3

    Pinning:     stuff for my first apartment! (and food recipes)

    I hope you are having a great day! Now go relax!



    4th of July Round Up

    Hello Guys!

    I hope you are all having a fabulous 4th of July! I am not sticking around too long (there is too much food, family, and fun to be had) but I wanted to share this post my blog friend, Danelle, has on her blog today.

    She did a round up of a bunch of 4th of July inspired blog posts and my Toms Shoes DIY was chosen for her list!

    Check out her post over at Home Ever After!

    Have a wonderful 4th!



    Summertime Savings // Guest Post

    Hi Guys! Today I have my friend Emilie from Work Love Laugh sharing her top five ways to have an enjoyable summer for a low price! This is a great post that I really enjoyed as I tend to spend a bit more during the warmer months than usual! I hope you all enjoy Emilie's post and take a few moments to check out her blog for more interesting posts!

    1.  Make your own summer drinks: A hot summer day calls for iced coffee or tea!  The problem is that getting them at a cafe regularly will cost you a lot of money in the end.  These kinds of drinks are not that hard to make when you have the right ingredients.  Also, it's pretty easy to find the recipe of a dupe of your favorite drink online. 

    2. Cut your jeans: We all love jeans shorts.  We also all have old pair of jeans that we don't wear anymore.  Chop them!  They will make perfect beach shorts!

    3.  Take advantage of parks: I'm pretty sure there's a lovely park in your area that you never go to!  I found one near my apartment that is free to access: you can walk on a trail by the river and being surrounded by nature makes me forget that I'm in a big city!  You don't need to go far or to spend money to feel like you took a vacay!  

    4. Have your friends over for dinner: I'm always more tempted to eat at restaurants when it's hot and sunny out.  I blame this on the lovely patio a lot of restaurants have.  A good option to save money is to have people over  for a BBQ (if you have one of course).  Tell everyone to bring a piece of meat and a potato to cook on the grill.  It's cheap and it's just as fun as eating on the patio of a local pub! 

    5. Ride your bike: Build those leg muscles and ride your bike to work, to the mall, or just for fun! It will save you money on gas and it's a great workout! Going on a bike ride is also a great (and free) activity on a chilly but sunny summer day.

    Whatever you decide to do make sure you have a great day!

    4th of July Nails

    It is getting near... The 4th of July is only 2 days away! A day where almost everyone in the USA is off work and spending the day relaxing and eating BBQ... except me. I will be working (because I schedule my own hours and scheduled a 2 hour tutor session on Friday) but at least I will be festive during my session.

    About a week ago I picked up 4th of July themed nail polish from Walmart and have been patiently waiting to paint my nails in an over the top, excessively glittered fashion.

     And excessive, over the top glitter I did!

    My kids at work love shiny so it just so happens my mani is perfect for my job!

    How did you do your nails for the 4th?



    Red, White, and Shoes

    Aside from the terrible name, I am actually super excited about this post because... DIY! (sidenote: the name is the product of 8 hours of tutoring, restraining, and behavior modification so excuse the lameness!) 

    I received these Toms as a gift from my bestie about 2 years ago and in those two years I have worn completely out. From Virginia to the Dominican Republic these shoes have traveled miles with me. Eventually though all good things must come to an end and this eventually happened.


    Yes, those are holes and rips and all kinds of sadness. 

    However, because of Pinterest, I was able to salvage these lovelies and be festive at the same time. 

    I scavenged through my fabric bin and found this American Flag fabric that I had bought for something previously. Then I grabbed a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun and I was set. 

    I had not template to go buy so I just guesstimated the size I needed and cut as I went. I made sure to hot glue "seams" so the edges would not fray. I decided to cover both the tips of the shoes and the back patches. 
    The size of the back patch. 

    Hot gluing the edges to make it neater.

    For the tips of the shoes, I found it easiest to just glue and cut as I went along. I attempted to have a pattern cut out but that ended up a failure. 

    This was the final product:

    I don't know about you, but I love them! This is a super easy craft that can be taken in almost any direction you want. (shortly after doing this, I was wishing I had cupcake fabric!) It took about 30 minutes to complete just because of the tedious task of cutting and gluing. 

    If you try a DIY like this, let me know how you did it and how it turned out!