Sunday Sum-Up (Tuesday Version)

Happy Sunday (umm... Tuesday!)

What a long week it has been! I sat down this past Sunday to write my post and promptly fell asleep. The same thing happened on Monday and as I sit here on Tuesday night, the same thing may just happen again. I have returned home to my family for the Thanksgiving Holidays and I could not be happier. I am enjoying warm nights in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate and watching television. I am planning on doing as little as possible until Saturday morning when I pack up and head back to Macon for work.

So unlike last week, this week I had many new and awesome experiences that I am stoked to share!

Near the beginning of this week I was in downtown Macon with my guy and we came across a beautiful church. Because of our curiosity we just had to check it out. We were blown away by the beauty that lay inside. Check it out:

Beautiful, right? 

On Wednesday I volunteered at the Macon Rescue Mission with the children and I felt at home again. I have a love for kids and especially for special needs, sick, or less fortunate kids. Since I moved to Macon, I have not had a chance to work with children and I really began to miss having a group of kids to spend time with. Being with these children reminded me of why I changed my major from engineering to biology/pre-occupational therapy. I must say I am looking forward to growing with these children and making an impact in their lives. 

The rest of the week I worked and studied. I took tests and I packed my bags and headed home. 

At home I talked my mom into taking me shopping! She bought me the most awesome sweater I have ever seen. 

I can not wait to wear it in holiday pictures with my guy!

Finally, I must end my awesome week with some crafting. I may lack any artistic ability but I do happen to have patience and perseverance so I make it happen. I am currently crafting a Christmas present for my wonderful Big in my sorority! I happen to LOVE giving gifts and she happens to LOVE presents so we make quite the perfect duo! 

Now I am off to sit by the fire and read a book! ( #livingthelife ) 

Until Next Time, 



Sunday Sum-Ups

Hey all!

Happy Sunday to you! I hope you have had an amazing day.

Today I decided that my first regular feature on the blog will be my "Sunday Sum-Ups." These posts will just be an overview of all the "awesome" things I have done since the previous Sunday. I am actually super excited for these because I love talking about myself and telling people what I do!

So, for my first Sunday Sum-Up, I must admit I did not do many awesome things. I mostly studied, took tests, wrote papers, etc... (living the college life).

My boyfriend had a difficult week after being involved in a car accident (he is fine!), but his luck turned around as he interviewed for a job and got it shortly after.

I also did a great deal of standing and smiling for my job this week. At my college basketball season is under way and as a member of event staff, I have the privilege of working at each game as a ticket taker, greeter, or usher. It is a simple job and I love it but after standing up for four hours straight, I look forward to knocking off and laying down.  As for this weeks past game, we won in double overtime by three points. To say this game was intense is an understatement. I will be the first to admit that I am not a basketball fan, yet I found myself standing in the back of the stadium cheering on the Bears.

Today I got to go out for Chinese food with my main man as well as do some crafting this evening (pics below). It was the best way I could have imagined spending this Sunday.

So my life may not be that interesting, but it's mine and I could not be happier with it.



Sushi is one of my obsessions. This is the first sushi I have had since I moved to a new city and began college. I must admit I was not disappointed.

The "Goals Chart" I crafted tonight... I love making and accomplishing goals and this is such a cute craft that shows off what my goals for the week are. 

My fortune from the Chinese restaurant said "Are your legs tired? You been running through someone's mind ALL day long." Does it really get better than this? 

This picture accurately displays my relationship with my boyfriend. He has a slight obsession with knives and even works for some companies as a photographer for their products!


Hi Ya'll

After much thought and deliberation I have decided to start a blog. For the past year I have been debating starting a blog, choosing not to mainly because I had no clue what I would write about. Well... as of today, I still have not made that decision! However, I realized the best way to decide what to write about is to just write about stuff! Therefore, this blog currently has no specific theme. It will just be a generalized blog about my life (a lifestyle blog?!) and maybe one day it will shape into a more specific blog.
Until that day I will share a few of my current blogging goals:

Goal 1: This blog will serve as a way for my mother to stay updated on my life. I currently live a couple hours away from my family (College...Wooo!) and am not able to give my mom a call each day to share all the fun activities I participate in. 

Goal 2: This blog is a form of expression for myself, it will be a place where I can share what is on my mind with all the people who do or do not read it!

Goal 3: This blog will be something I can look back on one day and see how far I have come in the world. I will be able to see how my views, preferences, and life changes over the course of college, graduate school, and adult life. 

In closing of my first ever blog post, I only find it necessary to share a little about myself. 

My name is Beth Jenkins. I am a Biology major at Mercer University (Pre-Occupational Therapy). My heart is centered around children, specifically children with special needs. I have been in a relationship for nearly two years (in December) and plan on sticking in this relationship for life. I made the decision to join a sorority in college and have many new amazing sisters. I have an obsession with volunteering and working, and I love when my schedule is full. Last but not least, I enjoy spending time out and about exploring and seeing new places.

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