Dylan's Candy Bar - DIY Date Night

It is official. I am obsessed.

Candy... I am obsessed with candy.

I may be about 3 years too late to be joining on this already passed bandwagon but I am running full speed to catch up.

Dylan's Candy Bar - a huge candy shop in New York City, Miami, LA, and East Hampton. There is candy everywhere, even in the stair case. If you are not as in awe as I am then you are probably not as crazy as I am and I feel sorry for you!

Anyways! I was "casually" browsing the internet about cool places in LA (and by casually I mean obsessively checking every travel site and blog about things to do in LA) and I came across this candy shop.

I immediately added it to my list of stuff to do when I am in LA in 2015 (I even budgeted a bazillion dollars to spend there...) and I was then inspired to plan my own "Dylan's Candy Bar Date Night"

The first thing I needed was a Dylan... This was easy for me to achieve because my boyfriend is Dylan. For you, it may be a little harder. If you need help, I will gladly rent out mine for a few days! (jk) I guess you can change the name according to who you are able to find, though it does ruin the atmosphere ever so slightly.

The second thing I needed was candy... and candy I got.

If you have ever wondered what $13 of candy from Walgreen's looks like, you now know!

After you arrange your candy on a platter and photograph it for your blog, you can dig in!

** Warning - This particular date night may leave you with a spike in your sugar levels, extreme hyperactivity, and may eventually lead to sickness from over-consumption. It is worth it though.

Enjoy your weekend everybody! Remember to eat lot's of candy!



  1. aw i love DCB! i used to go all the time when i was younger. This is a great idea for a date, i definitely will do it and risk sugar rush!

    1. I hope you enjoy it if you try it! lol! The sugar rush is worth it 100%

  2. That place sounds awesome, I wanna go look up pictures now!! And heck yes for a sugar rush, hahaa.

  3. Looks delicious but probably I couldn't do that much workout to be equal :D

  4. Love it!! Dylan's Candy Bar is so fun--but the at home version could be made dog friendly as well, which I adore!!


  5. Oh wow, that would be SUCH a fun idea for my son's next birthday party! <3

    1. This would make a great birthday party! I will have to keep that in mind as well!

  6. I've never been there but it looks like a place the kids would love to go.

    1. Even us adult "kids" would love to go!

  7. Love Dylan's candy bar minus the sugar rush. But your date idea is super cute.