About Me

Hello Lovelies! 

I am so happy you stopped by my little piece of the internet. My name is Beth and I blog about many topics from DIY and Fashion to Food and Fitness. 
I am currently a college sophomore at Georgia Southern University double majoring in Exercise Science and Psychology with the hopes of becoming a licensed Occupational Therapist. After the many years of college I have ahead of me, I plan to open up my own Hippotherapy practice.
I work with children with special needs and they have stolen my heart and have changed me from a nervous, anxious person to a patient, understanding individual. 

I do life with my amazing boyfriend of 3 years, Dylan. He is the supportive rock in my life.  

At my previous school, I was a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta. I am now an alumna of this wonderful organization, and a part of AGD will always remain in my heart. 

I love being outdoors doing activities such as hiking, geocaching, kayaking, etc. I enjoy practicing yoga and exploring new places. I dream of traveling as much as possible while I am on Earth. 

I hope you enjoy reading all about the fascinating aspects of my life! Check out some of my featured work here!

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