Put a Little Fun in Finals Week // Guest Post

Hello guys! I am so happy to officially kick off my Summer Guest Series on Wandering Forevermore. Each Thursday from now through the end of August some wonderful blog friends of mine will be sharing a post.

To kick off the series, my friend Amanda from Brunette with a Bow will be sharing her ways of making finals week fun! Amanda is a 21 year old marketing and graphic design major who started her blog a little over a month ago. Despite being new to the blogging world, she is making headway and growing her blog in amazing ways.

"For most of the most dreaded week of college is upon us - finals week. Finals week means spending hours on end in the library, or curled in the fetal position crying because we just want to be done studying. Although most of our hours these upcoming days will be spent studying and sobbing while we're up all night highlighting every word in our textbooks, it is important to take just a little time to relax. Here's how you can put a little fun in your finals week! 

1. Arts & Crafts - Pick a pin from your Crafting Pinterest board (we all have one, don't we?), grab your girls and some supplies and take a crafting break! You'd be surprised how much fun and relaxing crafting is! Make some cute letters for your dorm or paint some wine glasses you can use to celebrate the end of finals week!

2. Netflix - Seriously, Netflix is easily one of the greatest things to exist. Ever. After being nose deep in every textbook you own, take a break and watch an episode or two of your favorite show! (Or the entire season…only God can judge you) I love comedy series so my show right now is Parks and Rec. Anything involving Aziz Ansari is a must watch for me. 

3. Go Shopping! - Retail therapy is my answer to all of life's questions…seriously. Having a bad day? Go shopping. Failed a test? Go shopping. Aced a test? Definitely go shopping. Buy online. I say this because it is the perfect way to motivate yourself to study harder! Buy yourself the perfect present for when you finish finals!

4. (Mani)Cure your Finals Stress - One of the best simple pleasures in life is freshly painted nails. Close your textbook, put on a playlist, and paint your nails! You may be a raggedy mess from all your finals stress, but at least your nails will be cute! I am seriously obsessed with Essie's new neon line! 

Finals week is easily the most stressful times for us college kids, but don't worry! The work will all be worth when you get that degree. Good luck to everyone! Thanks to Beth for letting me guest post, I hope you all stop by Brunette with a Bow soon! 

In the words of my spirit animal Aziz Ansari, don't forget to 



  1. Oh crafting board on Pinterest, how I wish to tackle your projects one day...
    Also, yes, shopping is the answer to everything!

    ♥Emma, from It's Emma Elise

    1. My crafting board is literally called "When time stands still.." lol!

    2. Love it! haha
      And thanks for linking up with Manic Mondays!

      ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise

  2. totally into this! I love DIY and I would love your input for my youtube series!


    1. Thanks for reading! I look forward to checking it out!