Sunday Sum-Up 5.4.14

Hi people, 

So today is the first day of my first week of summer break! That means... I am done with my first year of college, done with Mercer for ever, and am on to bigger and better things. (And by that, I mean working my high school job for the summer before moving off to a different college in the fall!)

This past week was finals week, so I spent countless hours in the library studying, writing, editing, revising, and pulling my hair out. In the end it was worth it because my finals came and I felt confident about them. During my last final, which was a presentation, I gave my presentation and then tuned out of the others and thought about the good times I had during my freshman year. I almost started crying at the thought of leaving some of my best friends, but then I realized it's for the best!

Instead of telling you about my awesome first year, I think it is more fitting to show you...

So long Freshman Year!



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