Hello all!

Please take a moment and read along as I step up on my soapbox and express the issue that has been on my mind lately.

The issue is self-entitlement. More specifically self-entitlement within my peers.

Throughout my first year of college, I have noticed how at least half of the people I have come in contact with feel that the world owes them something. For example, I have seen people constantly skip class, not take notes, not study and complain to the professor because they think they deserve an A.

This is a huge issue!

It seems like people no longer know how to work for something because they are so used to receiving it just because they want it.

I am tired of hearing my peers complain that they didn't get the grade they wanted right after they talk about how they skipped 3 days of class in a week and partied all night before the test. I am tired of hearing my peers bash professors because they are doing their job and attempting to give you an education.

This "me,me,me" attitude that many of my peers have adopted is really a huge disgrace to our generation. I am sometimes ashamed to claim some people as my peer because of their actions and disrespect to anything that does not involve them.

(This is not me saying I am perfect and everyone else is awful because I know at some points in my life I have been the girl who is entitled to everything she wants. However, I try my hardest to not be that person because I realize how tacky it actually is.)

Instead of continuing to run my mouth, I am now stepping off my soapbox and going back to the real world.

Until next time...



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