Memorial Day Weekend

It is officially the long awaited three day weekend. The unofficial start of summer. For some it is the weekend to go to the lake and relax. For others it is the weekend for backyard barbecues! However, for all American's it is a day of remembrance. It is Memorial Day Weekend.

A weekend to remember those who lost their lives while serving in the US Armed Forces. So whether you are spending your weekend hitting up the sales, catching up on sleep, or working on your tan, be sure to take a few moments and remember why it is a long weekend. Remember that you are blessed to live in a country where you have the freedom to do these things and remember that there are many people who are not able to spend this weekend with their family. 

Take time and say a prayer for those who have lost family members in the military and pray for those with member who are currently active. 

Enjoy your long weekend but don't forget what it's all about! 



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