Ten Guilty Pleasures

1. Doughnuts - A box of warm Krispy Kreme? Yes Please!

2. People watching - A terrible habit, but I love looking at people that seem strange to me! The mall is definitely the best place for this!

3. Naps - You know those power naps that turn into mini-comas? Those rock!

4. Yik Yak- Let's face it, we all have an evil twin that loves to browse gossip sites! What better way than with a local site?!

5. Candy - Remember when I went on a Candy Date?

6. Impulse shopping - My wallet hates me for it, but I love purchasing nail polishes and packs of gum just because!

7. Day-Dreaming - We are told to not think about the "what-ifs" but who doesn't like to indulge themselves with what could have happened if only you had...

8. Starbucks drinks with nearly 1,000 calories - Grande PSL w/ whip?! Go ahead and add a scone too!

9. Binge watching Netflix - I could easily spend the next six hours watching The Fosters without any regret!

10. Entering giveaways - Once upon a time TLC had a show called Sweepstakes something (think Extreme Couponing but for sweepstakes/giveaways). I watched this show religiously and thus my love for entering giveaways began!

Now its your turn! What are your top ten guilty pleasures? If you are like me and love entering giveaways, then be sure to enter the one below that my fellow blogger, Emma, is hosting!

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