Treat Yo Self

** I received the Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil from BrandBacker in exchange for a blog review. All opinions are those of my own. 

If you look over at my archive you will notice that I barely posted at all in October! The reason behind this is because October has been one hell of a busy month! With midterms taking up two weeks and studying taking up the other two, I have had absolutely no time to sit down at my computer and type for you lovely gals! 

With the month winding down, midterms over, and classes at a lull I am finally able to take time and write! How exciting?! I can also take some time to devote to myself and my own personal happiness! How am I going to devote time to myself, you may ask! Well, I am going to enter phase: "treat myself" and share some tips on how you can treat "yo" self!!

1. The first thing I am conquering in this phase is my face. I will be honest, when I stay up until 2am writing an essay and wake up at 7am for classes, I am barely functioning. I do not always remember to wash my face let alone moisturize and all that fun stuff! So to clear up all the junk that has made its way into my pores and all over my face, I use tea tree oil. It may just be me, but I feel that using Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil on face after I have denied it for a little bit shows instant results. After a few days I feel my skin clearing up again and making its way back to normal. I also like to take this time to try out one of the DIY face masks I have pinned on Pinterest! When I take time to take care of my face, I instantly feel better

2. When I feel that I have adequately treated my face, I move on to my soul! I treat my soul in a number of ways! The first way is by engaging in a few Facebook groups. I love reading through the uplifting posts of #fireworkpeople and sharing my own uplifting messages as well. I will also read through HONY because that is one site that makes my heart oh so happy! Within minutes I feel uplifted and ready to move on to step three!

3. After I have treated my face and my soul, I am ready to treat my guilty pleasure! This step requires two items: candy and my computer. I typically take about an hour or two to read through blogs and enter giveaways! I love when I get those emails that say "Congrats you win!" and I love to support my fellow bloggers by entering their giveaways! So when you are ready to treat your guilty pleasure scroll down and enter the one below! I am helping my friends Pamela celebrate her birthday and you can help too just by entering! 

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