5 Ways to Give Back This Season

The holiday season is coming up which means it is prime time to give back to the community or those in need. Whether you are a year-round giver or only give during the holidays, it is essential that at some point in your life you humble yourself to give away some of your time or fortune.

1. Pack an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox

Operation Christmas Child is one of the simplest charities to support this time of year. I am sure that you probably have plenty of empty shoe boxes in your closet, so grab one, wrap it and fill it with goodies for a child in a third-world country. Then drop it off at a local drop-off destination and it will be off to a child in another country.

2. Serve Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner

Many homeless shelters will serve a Thanksgiving of Christmas dinner for the community. Call your local homeless shelters to see what volunteer opportunities are available and make it a new tradition to serve on the holidays.

3. Support Your Local Giving Tree

Most cities have at least one "Giving Tree" located in it. The concept of these trees is that families that can not afford gifts will apply for tags on the tree. Each tag will have a child's wish on it and the local community can pull a tag and purchase the wanted item on that tag. This is a fun way to get younger kids involved because they can help purchase a gift for someone else their age.

4. Donate Outgrown Coats

When it gets colder outside many places will host coat drives for families that can not afford new coats or for homeless individuals that are without them. If you have coats that have been sitting in your closet for over a year without use, it is likely that you will not use it in the future. It is simple to help out by donating it to someone who could use it.

5. Do Random Acts of Kindness

You do not have to be extravagant this season to give back. Giving back to the community can be something as little as giving an extra dollar for tip or being patient and smiling at a young mother who is struggling with her kids while trying to check out of the grocery store. Just remember to humble yourself this season and be more aware of people. Everyone may not have it as good as you do and if you start humbling yourself now, you will be more aware year round.


  1. These are all fantastic ideas. Every year we go to one of our local schools with supplies and fill tons of paper grocery bags to give to the local families in the shelters and those who cannot afford a real Thanksgiving dinner. I think that is one of my favorite parts of the season. Everyone needs to remember to help others out because it could so easily be any one of us. Great post!

    1. Your comment makes me oh so happy! I love the idea of helping out families who can't afford the holidays and the fact that your local schools get involved is just perfect!

  2. Beth,
    These are such great tips that we should all incorporate during our holiday celebration.

  3. Hi Beth! I stumbled upon your blog in the Her Campus Blogger Network. Just wanted to say that I loved your post! Giving back is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I wish people were as focused on it year round... Great post!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I agree, it should be a year-round goal for people!

  4. all great suggestions and all so easy really to do. I hope everyone gives back a little something this holiday season and if they pick just one of these, what a difference that would make!