20 Facts About Me

My dear friend Emma, ItsEmmaElise, tagged my in the "20 facts tag" where I am to share 20 facts about myself and then tag 20 friends to also share! Here goes...

1. I have been dating the kid in the picture about for almost 3 years now. He is pretty cool

2. My goal is to be a fashion blogger but I love to ramble on about pointless things a little too much

3. I am a pen a paper type of person... which contradicts with my "blogger status"

4. I live out of my agendas (yes... plural)

5. I love to create things and my most recent creative adventure has been jewelry making. I am falling more and more in love with it each time I sit down to create!

6. I am a transfer student at my current college and I love it!

7. I have only stayed in my apartment two weekends since August. I have been either gone home of to visit friends every other weekend.

8. Shopping is my vice. Target, more specifically, is my vice.

9. I don't believe in eating small round pellets of candy coated chocolate, aka: m&ms.

10. My current obsessions are UNC at Chapel Hill and Texas... I have grad school on my mind.

11. I never drank coffee regularly until this semester. The sophomore slump hit me hard, and I combated with a Mr. Coffee.

12. I did that stereotypical thing where you hang Christmas lights in your room and I have zero regrets!

13. I really just want a puppy in my life right now.

14. I believe in happiness and that everyone deserves to be happy in their life.

15. I love #fireworkpeople! These ladies motivate me every single day and I can not thank them enough for that.

16. I am social media obsessed. It's bad.

17. I load my silverware "up" rather than "down" in the dishwasher and anyone who does it "down" is wrong.

18. I believe that candy (except m&ms) is a way of life.

19. My favorite color is gray, don't judge me.

20. I love Christmas and Thanksgiving! They are my two most favoritest holidays ever!

Now, rather than tagging 20 individuals to list 20 facts, I want to encourage all who read this to do so! If you write a post about it, leave the link in the comments so I can casually stalk you! Let's all get to know each other!

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