March Love in a Box

Hello lovelies!

It feels so good to be sitting down for a few moments and writing. While I would love to write about one of the random thoughts in my head, I am actually super excited to share about my March experience with the Love in a Box blogger swap.

I was paired with Hannah from Words as Palindromes and may I just say that this girl is like my other half! She just gets me! From learning that we have similar majors to sending each other nearly some of the same items because we just get each other, we have become blogger friends! I am just so happy I got to participate in this box swap!

Now for the best part of this post (I get to brag about all my goodies!)

When I opened my box, I instantly say this adorable mason jar glass! I hadn't even mentioned it but anyone who knows me knows I never go anywhere without bringing a bottle of water and now I have this super cute cup to carry it in.

Then I saw these candles... I was momentarily bummed because while I adore candles, we are not allowed to burn them or even have them in our dorm. That's when I noticed that they are battery operated scented candles! They smell amazing and when turned on they flicker like a real candle. My roommate and I are just slightly obsessed. 

As I kept digging I saw not one but two pairs of socks. I couldn't help it... I wore the cheetah print socks before I was able  to take a pic of them. 

Also, there was a note, pens, and a pocket organizer included which were all sweet surprises to get me through the remainder of this semester! 

I had a great month participating in this project and am looking forward to April Love in a Box! If you are interested in joining click here for information!



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