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Hello guys!

Happy Saturday to you! 

Today was IRD (International Reunion Day) for Alpha Gamma Delta which is awesome and my chapter held a luncheon and welcomed many alumni from all over. Since it was a more formal event, I did something crazy! 

I left my water bottle in my room...

If you know me, you know that I am constantly carrying a water bottle with me. I never go anywhere without it. So today I felt quite "naked" without it. Alas, I made it through! However, I quickly refilled my water bottle when I returned to my room before my next expedition. (eco-friendly for the win!) 

Now I must admit my water bottle collection is embarrassingly large (probably in the 25+ range...) but I do have a favorite! My blue insulated Camelbak is it. I waited two years for this water bottle because I wanted it as a gift and no one would spend $20 on a water bottle for me but I eventually talked my boyfriend, Dylan, into making the purchase and I have, thus far, gotten more that $20 of use out of it. 

I also use it as my personal sticker collection (because I can NOT bring myself to put stickers on my $600 computer). I assume people judge my "stickered up" bottle but I lack care for their opinions. (oops)

So in case you were wondering what my favorite water bottle looks like:

(It's kind of beat up from the many times it's slipped or jumped out of my hand, and I took these lovely, high quality photos as I was writing this, so yeah....)



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