Things I am Afraid to Tell You

Hello all,

It is officially Sunday on the east coast and I am finally posting a SSU on a Sunday! I'm quite proud of myself, actually. I missed last weeks post and well as all the planned posts because I was overwhelmingly busy. Though I am still busy 24/7, I am making myself take a moment to blog because I honestly miss writing my thoughts for all to read and pretend to care about!

So instead of "summing up" my past two weeks, because it would literally be... School, I am instead going to share something I have been interested in posting for a while.

As I spend my evenings reading other blogs, I have recently came across many bloggers posting a list of things they are afraid to admit. I find this super interesting for two main reasons: 1. I love lists and 2. I think it is cool for people to have courage to profess their fears and when they realize they are not alone in them it is a refreshing feeling.


Things I am Afraid to Tell You

  • I have crazy anxiety and get freaked out my 99% of things. This includes speaking in front of people, and really just speaking in general... I'd rather observe than engage. 
  • I struggle at normal people conversation. This probably in some way links back to the anxiety in which I have to tell myself to actually make sounds come out of my mouth. 
  • I am a communications minor... HA, funny? I thought so too. What is someone who has social anxiety and struggle making conversation thinking by minoring in communications? Well, not only that, but I also major in psychology and have a second minor in global health studies. I plan on being a Behavior Analyst, which also involves talking... so I better work on that social anxiety problem. 
  • I love special needs children with every piece of my heart. I would rather have a job working with special needs children that pays nothing that having a super easy job that pays a ton. 
  • I put things off far too much, for example, waking up... I constantly push the snooze button and keep putting off my morning so much to the point where I have had to create a rewards system for myself for not hitting snooze. 
  • I sometimes will eat multiple doughnuts or equally unhealthy foods and watch up to 6 hours of Netflix in one day just because I don't want to get up... it really is a struggle.
  • I love love love leading. I love organizing and making plans for events and carrying them out. I love being in charge... I just don't like speaking.
  • I sometimes get easily annoyed at people but I do not express anger or annoyance because I am against hate and bad moods. 
  • I have this issue with asking for help... I just do not do it. I refuse to ask for help even when I know I really need it.
  • I am a struggling Christian and am proud of my faith. I feel that the struggling part might throw some people off but I must put it because I do struggle constantly with living a Christian life in a college town. It is hard.

And that is enough digging into my fears for the night. I challenge you all to acknowledge your fears and realize that you are not alone in them. 



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