Between Monday and Tuesday

You know that awkward moment when it's technically "tomorrow" but you still haven't fallen asleep from today? The time when all your thoughts rush to your head yet you're too tired to write them down. 
That's what time it is now and as I was aimlessly playing around on my phone, I found an old poem that I actually wrote one year ago from today. It was written in response to a story a friend told me a while back. Being moved by that story, I wrote for the first time in probably a year. Since then, it has been another full year and I have not come back to writing regularly and that makes me sad. So as incentive to keep me writing (my rough, never finished piece) ... 

Through the darkness
See her gaze
Know she's out there
In a daze

And like the quiet 
After the storm
Over here
It's all done 

Words can't describe 
The pain tonight
The love that's lost
The internal fight


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