Coming Down from the [Jesus] High

You know those moments when life is just so great, you believe that nothing can bring you down? 

I recently lived a weekend full of those moments. 

3 Days

2 Missions

1 Christ


What started when I was a Junior in high school has occurred twice again and is "officially" an annual event anticipated by many pre-teens and teens in my community. It's a weekend of praising, worshiping, and serving the Lord, and boy let me tell you, it puts you on a "Jesus High." It may just be me but being around 50ish girls who are praying and praising really impacts my heart..in a good way of course.

But there comes a time when the "high" wears off and you are put back into the reality of society. You feel lost, unsure, and confused because the people here are not the same as the people you were surrounded by just days, maybe hours, ago. How do you deal with this?

In the past, I have come down from my high and gone right back to my no nonsense life. Going through each day without thinking twice about what just happened and not even reaching for my Bible. Not continuing my prayer and only sharing the "it was fun" details. Not getting down to the dirty with what happened. Not sharing the emotional ride I went through during my high. Basically, if you weren't there with me, it never happened. 

This time I knew it had to be different. It WOULD be different. I would come down from my high while sharing the wonderful ride that brought me to it. I would tell others about the tears I cried when I witnessed 50 young girls worshiping. I would share the happiness in my heart when I saw these girls cutting up shoes for SOLE HOPE. I would release all the emotions that had been placed in me during these days to anyone who would listen. I would continue to remember what had just happened and would continue to praise my Lord in the way that these girls did. Without shame. Without fear.

It's been 5 days and I am still going strong. I am still coming down from my high and life is becoming hard again. I am not in a blissful place 24/7 but I am creating bliss within me.

Join me as I create bliss within?




  1. I am here for you Chick. I told you that 3 years ago after this same conference-- it does not matter who's girlfriend you are.... I'm your Sister in Christ first. <3

  2. Aw that sounds so nice! It's such a great feeling to find bliss, calmness, and happiness through spirituality! xx
    Best of luck on the rest of your journey! c:

    <(") Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  3. Beth,
    You are amazing! LOVE reading your post! Keep it up girlfriend "Sister In Christ"!!!! Have a great week