Sunday Sum-Up 3.11.14

Hello all,

I am writing this post from the comfort of my bed at home, which means I have finally made it home for my Spring Break! I barely survived this past week of school (kidding... of course) and I am so glad to have a short break.

This past week I did a few fun things in the few spare moments I had...

(I spent a day at the lake, followed by a trip to Bass Pro, and a date to see The Lego Movie!)

I decided that in order to make my Spring Break (almost) productive that I will come up with my SB 2k14 goals. Maybe you have some of the same goals!

1. Respond to the many emails I have been letting collect in my inbox.

2. Purchase, package, and ship the 3 gifts I need to send out or give out.

3. Study for my college classes (the is the most fun goal!)

4. Print out and make use of a blog calendar so I can plan my month ahead of time and not feel rushed to get a post out.

5. Follow through with Goal #4!

6. Edit my LinkedIn profile.

7. Spend several hours on Pinterest and not feel guilty.

8. Write hand written notes to be delivered or mailed.

9. Complete a goal from my 101 in 1001 post!

10. Go to the Beach! (this is a give me, because my mother and I are going on Thursday!)

To end my post I want to share a fellow blogger's post that really meant a lot to me when I read it. It was posted today when I was thinking about how I feel that everything I do is mediocre and not to my best ability. I really suggest you take a moment to read these words.

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