Winter Must Haves

Hot and Cold
Humid and Dry
Sunny and Overcast

These all may seem like contradicting things but I assure you they all have something in common.

Each of these words is one way to describe Georgia's winter weather. We recently had three continuous days where snow lingered on the ground followed by a 70 degree day where it felt amazing to wear shorts. (This is no joke!)

It is a constant battle to not be constantly sick during a Georgia winter, but somehow I have managed to stay pretty healthy this winter.

Georgia winters also cause some serious damage to your hair and skin from the constant change in temperature and humidity.

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite items I use to keep me all around healthy in the winter months.

1. I try to take a multi-vitamin each night because I know I do not get all the nutrients I need in my campus' cafeteria. I currently take Vitafusion's Multivites as my daily multi-vitamin, mainly because it's a gummy and who doesn't like gummies!

2. Along with my multi-vitamin, I have this growing obsession with juices. I really want to start making my own juices but that is currently not an option so I purchase these Odwalla juices (which are available to me in my campus "convenience" store. I really like how each bottle has like a million fruits and veggies in it and it also has many vitamins.

3. I use lotion like crazy in the winter. I constantly have dry skin that I struggle with and lotion is the only cure. I currently am obsessed with Bath and Body Works lotions, in most any scent. Above I have pictured wild honeysuckle which is one of my favorites, but I am currently using the Merry Marshmallow Kiss scent that I received as a gift for Christmas. 

4. During the winter, my face is also extremely dry. When you combine my sensitive skin with the dryness of the winter you get a bad combination. However, I recently discovered this moisturizer at Target. The number one reason I chose this particular moisturizer is because I only had about $7 in the bank and this costs only a little over $5. I also made sure it was for sensitive skin before I snagged it. I do not know much about the brand but I do know it has worked wonders thus far and that I will be buying it again in the future. 

5. My last winter necessity is the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition 3-minute undo. This leave-in conditioner works wonders on my hair after the cold and wind makes it brittle and after the humidity makes it all around gross. My brother was actually the person to introduce this to me and I would now recommend it to anyone. 

There you have it! If you have any winter must haves, let me know and I will check them out! 



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