Sunday Sum-Up 2.3.2014

Hello Everyone! 

I hope everyone has had a pretty great week. If you live in the south, I hope you got to experience Snowpocalypse 2014. (which for me was followed by 70 degree weather just two days later)

I personally was super excited for the snow because it was the first snow I have seen since 2010! At Mercer we got two days out of classes which I spent crafting, sleeping, and playing in the snow. It was like a weekend in the middle of the week. 

It was an easy week to say the least, however, because of class cancellation, my tests got moved and I wound up taking my first biology and chemistry tests of the year today. It would not have been so bad except for the pouring rain I had to walk through to get to my 8am on the other side of campus. Anyway, I did well on my tests so I am happy!

*Look at these adorable pics of the Snowpocalypse!


So, since I've had such a great week I want to share with you a little bit of my inspiration!

My roommate recently challenged me to install a daily Bible verse app on my phone. The challenge is to open the app and read your verse as soon as you turn your alarm off and to live by that verse that day. Some days it is a struggle for me to read the verse first thing (because I forget), but so far I have not missed a full day of reading my verse. My verses this week have been:

1/27 - 1 Corinthians 13:4, 7-8
1/28 - Deuteronomy 6:4-7
1/29 - Hebrews 11:5, Genesis 5:24
1/30 - Psalm 89:1-2,5
1/31 - 1 Corinthians 2:9-10
2/1 - Proverbs 10:22 (I especially loved this one.)
2/2 - 2 Timothy 4:1-2

And today's verse is Isaiah 57:19 "I create the fruit of the lips: 'Peace, peace, to him who is far off and to him who is near,' says the Lord; 'and I will heal them.'"



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  1. Hey, great blog :D I nominated you for a Liebster award so be sure to check out the nomination and questions here: http://theliterarychic.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/liebster-award-nomination/