Turnstile Tales

Today I feel like sharing a little bit about my job. I work as a member of Bearforce at the University Center on my campus. I usually am found in the fitness center greeting people and swiping their student ID cards as they enter the gym or cleaning the gym equipment. However, on occasion I will take a shift at the main desk. This position involves me greeting students as they swipe their cards and enter through one of three turnstiles... or attempt to enter.

It has been said that the best part of working at the UC is watching students fail to swipe their cards and nearly face planting when they walk straight into the turnstile. (See, if you don't swipe your card the turnstile does not work.)

I really didn't believe students would forget something as simple as swiping their cards, until my first shift at the main desk. It was nearing the end of my shift and in walked a student talking on his phone not paying a lick of attention to anything. I said my usual line "Hi! How are you?" and then WHAM! he walked straight into the turnstile. As he fumbled to regain his balance and swipe his card, I used all the power inside of me to suppress my laughter. How does that even happen?!?

It was about a week later and I was running late for my shift in the fitness center. I was power walking and worrying I would not make it in time (I stress about things like this!) when I came to the turnstiles. Without swiping my card I walked straight into the turnstile. I do not know how it happened as I usually pride myself on not forgetting to swipe my card, but i did. I nearly face planted and when I regained my composure I was both humiliated and humored. I tried my best to play it off but several people saw it happen, there was no hiding it.

I now understand how some people completely forget to swipe their cards to enter the turnstiles, but it is still funny when they don't.

I would up making it to my shift without a minute to spare... even with my previous slight fall from grace.

What's your most embarrassing work story? I challenge you to share it!



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