Sunday Sum-Up 2.9.2014

I just wanted to give myself a pat on the back for actually getting this post started on Sunday! If you follow my blog, you will notice I usually post my Sunday Sum-Ups on Monday or even Tuesday afternoon, but not this week.

However, I haven't done much that has been interesting this past week. I did get back some tests which did not improve my week one bit (must study more!). I also worked about 15 hours, which kept me quite busy. I managed to sleep a few hours each night... and multiple hours during the day. I also attended my first "Burn at the Barre" class.

If you have never been to a barre workout, I suggest you get up and go to one right this moment. It was one of the most intense workouts I have been to in a while. It challenged me not only physically but mentally. It is difficult to explain how it mentally challenged me, so I really will just leave that up to you to decide once you try it out. Needless to say, I will be going back this week to the class, and hopefully from now on!

With "all" that being said, I am done saying stuff.

I will be back tomorrow, lovelies!



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