Sunday Sum-Up 2.22.14

Hey guys!

Can you believe February is almost over?

I must admit I have been slacking with my blogging this past week because school has really and truly been rough.

Therefore I am combining two weeks into this Sunday Sum-Up.

The major thing that happened in the past two weeks was Valentine's Day! I went on a picnic and hike with my boyfriend at a local state park! It was wonderful and many pictures were taken!

We decided to go geocaching once we were there (I have to find 25 new geocaches for my 101 in 1001 list!) so I grabbed a few trinkets out of my truck and we set off. We found two over the course of the day and I got an adorable new panda bear contact case! I just can not get over the beauty that lies only a short distance from my campus!

Another major thing that happened these past two weeks is Stompfest! My sorority partnered with Delta Sigma Theta to perform the intermission act of Mercer's Stompfest. We worked for weeks perfecting our routine and it finally came together wonderfully for our performance. I am so proud of my sisters, the Deltas, and our coach for rocking this event!

The rest of the week involved studying, lots of studying. Hopefully it will all pay off on my tests this week and next. 

I have some fun posts planned for this week on the blog so keep your eye out! They WILL be posted this week. 



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