Ten Must Have Items for College

*This post is sponsored by Linqia through the Kleenex with Walmart Campaign. All opinions are those of my own. 

 Nine days...

That's how long I have until I pack up and head to my new apartment. After transferring colleges and moving from a 10x11 dorm room to a full size apartment, I can't help but feel slightly overwhelmed by all that is going on in my life right now! 

However, I do not feel as unprepared going into college this round as I did when I was a freshman. You've heard it a thousand times: "You need Twin XL sheets and a comforter" or "Don't forget an ironing board!" typical known items to pack for your dorm or apartment. However, there are a few items that are often left off all of the huge "101 Things to Bring to College" lists. I found myself running to Walmart many times on my first weekend away to pick up simple items I should have already had. 

If you want to have an easy transition then I would advise picking up these items ASAP!

1. Kleenex - 
          You are about to be surrounded by thousands of people and you will more than likely get sick. Do us all a favor and keep your germs to yourself by using a Kleenex. If you don't get sick, you will probably use these to pick up dead bugs (because there will be bugs...). "But Kleenex boxes are ugly and won't match my theme!" That is so untrue. Kleenex has just launched a brand new line of Kleenex Expression Oval Facial Tissues in Chevron in many colors that will surely compliment your theme. If these don't cut it for you, check out the other Kleenex styles!

2. Rain Jacket - 
          You never notice how often it rains until you have to walk all the way across campus in a downpour. I learned this the hard way on my first day of classes when I did not have a rain jacket... Save yourself from the struggle of sitting through a class soaking wet and bring a rain jacket with you! An umbrella and rain boots also compliment this item!

3. Water Bottles - 
          When you come to college you will surely want to stock up on both reusable and disposable water bottles. Why? Because it gets hot outside and when you are walking in the heat it is advisable to stay hydrated. I usually am pro reusable water bottles (don't get me wrong, I love my Brita!) but sometimes time management is one of those skills that is lacking in my world and I realize that I have 5 minutes to get halfway across campus to my class and I just don't have time to fill up my bottle. These are the moments when it is handy to just grad a disposable water bottle and bolt to class. However, if you are really organized and fill up your reusable water bottles ahead of time, you will not run into this issues and I will commend you!

4. Desk Fan - 
          If you learn one thing from living in a dorm this is it: Central heating and air conditioning is not reliable. There was a stretch of time last April where it was hitting the 70s and 80s outside and central air conditioning would not work in any of the dorms. In an all girls dorm, where everyone is moody from the heat, you can imaging the chaos that ensued. The light at the end of the tunnel (for me at least) came from a cheap desk fan I happened to randomly pick up one day. It ran constantly for the few days we were out of AC and it kept me from going completely crazy!

5. Personal Safe - 
          This is one of those items that some would say isn't necessary, but I support getting one. You can pick up a cheap, small safe at Walmart for about $35. There will be certain papers and items that you do not want to go missing and if you keep it locked away there is a good chance they will not run away. I kept my Passport, Social Security Card, checkbooks, and some expensive jewelry locked away at all times. It is just an extra means of feeling safer while at college that is worth it in my opinion. 

6. Jewelry Storage - 
          For those jewelry pieces that aren't really worth enough to keep locked away, but are still too important to become one tangled mess, invest in a jewelry organizer. There are so many cute hanging organizers on the market and this was one of the best pieces I had in my dorm room. It made choosing what accessories I wanted to wear each day a breeze!

7. Air Fresheners -
          Do I really need to discuss this one? Dorm rooms and apartments are stale...

8. Vacuum - 
          Unless you want to be in my situation, (which was never vacuuming the floor and living in filth) I would highly suggest getting a small one of these. When my roommate and I had to move out, vacuuming was a requirement (or a fine) so we had to borrow one from someone else. If you are ok with borrowing one, go for it, but if you're like me (and hate people) then I would suggest having your own to keep your room clean!

9. Agenda - 
          This will be your college bible! Write down everything, from test and quizzes to paper deadlines to club meetings. But! Don't just write these things down, use this agenda and base your week/day off your deadlines! This will be your number one ticket to success in college. Stay organized!

10. Decorations - 
          Last but certainly not least bring some cute wall decorations. If you don't, you will feel like you are living in an insane asylum... Roomie and I didn't decorate our walls for weeks and it was awful. Find pictures and cute sayings or even better, DIY it! Pinterest was invented for a purpose, and it may just be finding college DIY projects!

What are some of your "Must Have Items" for college!?


  1. Yay! Miss you and our awful nasty dorm room so much.. Okay.. Maybe not the room...

    1. Miss you too! Though, I do love my new apartment :)

  2. These are all definite musts. Just so you know for future reference, you need to put that a post is sponsored at the top.

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