Sisterhood Redefined Launch

I am back!

Though I have only been gone for three days, it feels like it's been months! In the past three days I have been hard at work prepping for some awesome things coming your way.

The first of those things is the launch of Sisterhood Redefined! About a month ago a group of girls and I decided we wanted to create an area on the internet to share the daily lifestyle of a sorority girl. We planned and that where Sisterhood Redefined was born. I am head of outreach for this wonderful new blog so I have been busy planning out Launch Giveaway! I am so excited to see this new blog grow to new heights and I hope you follow along.

Around Wandering Forevermore, you will notice a few changes. I have a brand new posting schedule and have concluded my summer guest series. I will be partnering with some new brands as well as bringing you higher level content.

Thank you all for sticking around with me this summer and I hope you continue to stick around through the school year!


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