First Apartment DIYs

Tomorrow is the day! I move into my new apartment!

I have been working hard these past few days to finish up some DIY projects for my new apartment and I am excited to be sharing my favorite one with you today! The others will come later!

My apartment comes with a bed, dresser, and desk but that is it. I went to Goodwill to pick up some cheap items to redo for it. I found this wonderful little TV table that I will be using at a side table for five dollars.

What I did was quite simple but it looks extremely elegant. It took two coats of white paint to cover the table fully and about 24 hours of dry time.

Once it was dry, I added a gold fleur de lis in the center with craft paint and sprayed a clear sealant over the surface and was done. I really do love how this table turned out (even though it isn't perfect).

I have also been searching other blogs for great DIY projects to try out next and these are my favorite:

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  1. All of these DIYs are just too wonderful!! Best of luck with your move. :)

    1. Thank you so much! It went very well! I actually did the Summer Succulent DIY as well!

  2. One that's more time consuming but really cool is a t-shirt rug. You make strips and braid the t-shirts together and sew them in whatever shape you want. It's simple, but time consuming.

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