First Apartment Style

Wowweee! It sure has been a tough week! I am just now finally getting back into the swing of this whole college thing. After five days of class, four trips to the book store, three schedule changes, two hours of homework, and one week down, I am ready to kick back and enjoy the weekend. However, my form of kicking back is finally finishing decorating my apartment, traveling to my previous college for Bid Day, and lots and lots of homework. I am honestly looking forward to all those activities though! Today I accomplished (mostly) finishing my apartment. Everything but my desk is pretty, neat, and clean!

I decided to go with a color scheme of navy and gold with pink accents. It worked out very well until I moved it and had all black furniture, so I am rolling with the blue and black but no worries!

The majority of my room is dominated by my full size bed (take that Mercer dorm beds!) which has navy and white sheets and a white comforter. I actually have this same comforter in my at home bedroom. It is super fluffy and I loved it so much, I bought the same one for my apartment.

I kept my side table simple with a DIY cactus plant, a gold glitter mason jar pencil cup that I made with my sorority, and whatever this squirrel thing is! I saw the squirrel thing at a secondhand store for $1 and bought it just for decor purposes. If you happen to know what it is, please let me know!!

Beside my bed is my pride and joy! My DIY wall-art that I spent a good deal of time working on! It cost less that $15 total and was well worth it! All the frames were bought at my local Goodwill and the prints are either scrapbook paper or one I made. I (my boyfriend) made the splatter paint print with spray paint and it turned out great!

I hung two bulletin boards on the wall so I will have a place to hang notes and lists and all things cute and important.  It the corner, I added a cute little table where I sit my iPad and my small cupcake collection!

Honestly, if it were up to me, my entire room would be decorated in cupcakes; however, my mom told me I had to grow up and venture out from my cupcake obsession. A compromise led to this collection on a table I painted gold and pink! I am kind of obsessed with this section of my room. 

Finally there is my dresser. The dresser itself is pretty beat up but at least the top of it looks good! I have a small section of Alpha Gamma Delta stuff featuring a print from MKM Designs and also another DIY cactus! I like to leave room on my dresser to sit jewelry or important papers on so that explains the huge gap! 

So far, I am in love with my new apartment. I still have to finish organizing and decorating my desk, bathroom, living room, and kitchen but so far so good! I look forward to sharing more once I am finished!

Feel free to share links to your apartment style, and I will check them out!


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    1. Thank you! I would love to see how your apartment turns out! Good luck with the rest of moving in!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love, love, love the color scheme and the cupcakes! This is what makes an apartment special and fun!