Ten on Tuesday

After a long day at work, I am beyond ready to take some time and relax. I am thinking painting my nails will take care of the relaxation. I might even take some time and read.

Currently I am: 

Craving:     Sushi... That is all.

Missing:     Dylan, our work schedules clash so we don't see each other that often.

Reading:     Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Wishing:     that my college situation would hurry up and work out!

Listening:     to Something I need by One Republic and Walking on Air by Katy Perry... and everything else by Katy Perry

Wearing:     Comfort Colors! haha. I have been wearing all my new clothes from my New York & Company Haul.

Lusting:     after all my friends at the beach because I am not there. Same goes for those hiking and kayaking. 

Watching:     Orange is the New Black season 2!!

Smelling:     Fresh Cotton and Sun and Sand candles. <3

Pinning:     stuff for my first apartment! (and food recipes)

I hope you are having a great day! Now go relax!



  1. I have 2 small kids, no such thing as getting to relax anymore :)

  2. When am I not craving sushi is the real question... haha. I have been missing my boyfriend too as his work schedule has been difficult so far this summer... but I see him today. Yay!

  3. Ohhhhh, that sushi looks absolutely delicious! Thanks a ton for that, now *I* want sushi too!! lol

  4. That sushi looks delicious! I understand the whole missing your guy thing. My hubs currently lives 2 hours away. No fun!