Summertime Savings // Guest Post

Hi Guys! Today I have my friend Emilie from Work Love Laugh sharing her top five ways to have an enjoyable summer for a low price! This is a great post that I really enjoyed as I tend to spend a bit more during the warmer months than usual! I hope you all enjoy Emilie's post and take a few moments to check out her blog for more interesting posts!

1.  Make your own summer drinks: A hot summer day calls for iced coffee or tea!  The problem is that getting them at a cafe regularly will cost you a lot of money in the end.  These kinds of drinks are not that hard to make when you have the right ingredients.  Also, it's pretty easy to find the recipe of a dupe of your favorite drink online. 

2. Cut your jeans: We all love jeans shorts.  We also all have old pair of jeans that we don't wear anymore.  Chop them!  They will make perfect beach shorts!

3.  Take advantage of parks: I'm pretty sure there's a lovely park in your area that you never go to!  I found one near my apartment that is free to access: you can walk on a trail by the river and being surrounded by nature makes me forget that I'm in a big city!  You don't need to go far or to spend money to feel like you took a vacay!  

4. Have your friends over for dinner: I'm always more tempted to eat at restaurants when it's hot and sunny out.  I blame this on the lovely patio a lot of restaurants have.  A good option to save money is to have people over  for a BBQ (if you have one of course).  Tell everyone to bring a piece of meat and a potato to cook on the grill.  It's cheap and it's just as fun as eating on the patio of a local pub! 

5. Ride your bike: Build those leg muscles and ride your bike to work, to the mall, or just for fun! It will save you money on gas and it's a great workout! Going on a bike ride is also a great (and free) activity on a chilly but sunny summer day.

Whatever you decide to do make sure you have a great day!


  1. These are all great things to do over Summer! <3

  2. Making my own iced drinks saves me a ton of money!!

  3. Great practical tips to enjoy summer w/o denting our budget!

  4. Those are all great things to do for summer. I use to love taking my pants that I had grown out of and cutting them into shorts when I was younger.