Sunday Sum-Up 1.13.14

Happy Sunday everyone!

This week was my first week back in classes for my second semester of college and only one word has come to mind so far...Stress.

I have been obsessively stressing about everything thus far this year (which is awful I know!)

I have decided today, instead of dwelling on my boring, stressful week that this weeks Sunday Sum-Up will be some of the ways I cope with the stresses of college, student organizations, Greek life, work, and everything else that is thrown my way.

1. Breathe Deeply - I know this seems like the most obvious way to de-stress, but I often forget this is an option. I find this the most effective way to calm down when I get overwhelmed sitting in class. 

2. Classical Music - When I need to tune out the things around me, I find this to be the most beneficial thing to listen to. (I am actually listening to it right now!) It has a calming affect on my mind and it helps me to focus on what I need to get done. 

3. List Making - As many people know I am obsessed with organization of my activities. I basically live out of my planner. I also have a daily to-do list notebook, a chalkboard that my amazing big made me, a "Weekly Goals" poster that I made, and dry-erase magnets that help organize all my activities. Making lists helps me focus on what I need to get done and organize my hours so I am not stressed about what all I have to do. 

My goals for this week: 1. Keep a record of all my grades 2. Work on chemistry problems every night 3. Make 100s on my biology quizzes this week (I have 3) 4. Read and Analyze Antigone and make a 100 on my Antigone test!

4. Netflix - HAH! I love Netflix, probably a little too much. When I am overly stressed and just need a break from people, problems, and all the like I go to my room and watch an episode (or two) of Netflix. 

5. Moving - Contrary to number 4, sometimes when I am stressed I don't feel like being a recluse. When this happens I will do something that involves me going somewhere and being around people. I may go to the gym and do a short workout, go grab dinner with friends, or go shopping. I just do something that takes my mind off my current stresses.

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