Sunday Sum-Up x2

Good Evening!

Its been about two weeks since I have posted on here, meaning I missed my last Sunday Sum-Up but that's ok! I have successfully completed my first semester at Mercer University. This past week was filled with books, notes, concentration music, and a lot of time in isolation studying for my finals. I am so excited to be done with finals week and to be at home for the next three weeks.

However, I did slip in a few fun activities these past two weeks...

I went to my first semi-formal for my sorority. My date was none other than my boyfriend! How cute are we?

I also attended a tacky Christmas sweater party with some of my sisters. This year was the first year I have gotten to attend a tacky sweater party, and I must say I loved it. I just love tackiness! I went "thrifting" and found my sweater at Salvation Army for $3 which fits right into my small budget.

My residence hall's Hall Government (which I am community service chair for) hosted an ornament decorating Christmas party. We had a good turnout and it turned out to be a successful and fun night.

Last but not least.... my best friend from home came to visit me last night and she brought these awesome glasses.

She knows me too well!

I should be posting more often now that I am home. So stay tuned...

Until next time,


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