Sunday Sum-Up - Two Years in the Making

Yesterday (12.28.13) marked my two year dating anniversary with my boyfriend. Because of that I dedicate this weeks Sunday Sum-Up to the past two years and the past 104 Sundays I have spent with my guy.

Shopping with Dylan and my family.

 Putt-putt date.


 At the Savannah Rapids Pavilion - one of my favorite places on earth!

 Hunting Island Beach trip with Dylan and his family.

 Looking too dressed up for Sonic.

 Stone Mountain with Dylan and his family!

 That one time we saw The Maine and Mayday Parade on Halloween!

 When I was convinces to go play airsoft...

 Lights of the South 2012

 The best Valentines's Day ever...at the Circus.

 When I convinced Dylan to take me to the Riverwalk Market!

Ice cream makes us slightly crazy!

 That time Dylan took me to the Georgia Aquarium on my birthday!

 Lights of the South 2013!

 Alpha Gamma Delta Semi-Formal  <3

 Two-Year pictures with my dear!

Happy two years, my dear! I look forward to many more!

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