Sunday Sum-Up 12.24.13

Its Christmas Eve!!!

I personally can not believe that in a few short hours it will be Christmas. I am so excited but also I am sad because the holidays are not the same anymore now that I have grown older. What used to be utter excitement at waking up and opening presents has turned into almost just another day. Christmas in my family used to be huge, we would have a bunch of people over for lunch and be merry all day. Now, it's my brother, my parents and grandparents, and myself. I do, however, appreciate the change. I enjoy a small family gathering as opposed to a big party with extended family. (but that's just my anti-social ways)

As for now, it's time to look back on my past week and the successes and failures of it.


  • I read two full books.
  • I went shopping with my mother not once but twice!
  • I ate some of the best food I've eaten since August. 
  • I got to see my boyfriend!
  • I got to wrap presents :)
  • I read the last page of one of the books I was reading and knew the ending :(
  • I did not accomplish many of the "academic" plans I made.
  • I probably gained about 15 pounds from all the good food (no regrets)

Home Sweet Home

I also have some pretty awesome posts coming up in the next few days! Expect some DIY (which I'm actually happy with the turnout this time) and some other random posts!

Until next time, 


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