Give Me Donuts

It feels like it has been forever since I have written a blog post! After returning from my week long journey through Mississippi with my boyfriend, I am somewhat settling back into a routine. Saturday, my routine will shift once again as I return to Statesboro for spring semester but that is a story for another day! Anyway, my wonderful boyfriend got me this (super cute) sweatshirt for Christmas and I have worn it way too many times already! It is just pure perfection. I love clothing with cute sayings on them and this sweatshirt spoke to my heart (yes, my heart is set on donuts)! For a fun day, we went to our playground and broke all the rules by swinging and acting like children. I paired the sweatshirt with skinny jeans, my new tan boots (that I am also obsessed with!) and a snail necklace that my boyfriend made for me for Christmas!

Sweatshirt: Cecil Lola // Jeans: New York & Co. // Boots: Hot Cakes


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  2. Adorable shirt-I need it, haha!

  3. Super cute post! Love the sweatshirt saying!

  4. This sweatshirt is perfect! I love it even better since your boyfriend gave it to you. How cute!

    1. Thank you! It was my favorite gift this year, lol!

  5. We're never so grown up that we can't hang out at the park, right? And the saying on your shirt makes me laugh, which is totally a good thing.