Let me be the first to say that art is not my strong suit. I lack many creative genes that so many were blessed with. However, I am a-ok with my abilities to solve complex math equations and remember scientific formulas so I commend those with artistic abilities and I will continue to fake my way through life pretending that I have those abilities too. 
This semester (I promise I will quit saying this one day) I am taking a jewelry and metalsmithing class and one of the requirements is to attend at least five art events on campus. I spend most of my time in the exercise science and psychology departments so I rarely get the chance to make my way to the art department. Currently my campus is holding the continuum exhibit which features alumni from the university. I grabbed my best friend (also a psych major) and we headed to the exhibit. We walked around and pretended to examine and discuss the meanings of the pieces. Though we felt out of place, we had a blast and I eventually found one piece that spoke to me. 
Two pictures below is a photograph of a jewelers bench featuring tools and pieces. The familiarity of this photograph drew me in and it was definitely the piece that made me happiest. 

Overall, I can't say I learned too much by attending this exhibit but I did have a great time stepping outside of my comfort zone and enjoying the company of the artists and my fellow classmates. 


  1. I love visiting art galleries! It makes me wish I was more talented when it comes to painting.

    1. Me too, girl! I can't do 2-d art at all... sigh