The Truth About Fall

Today I feel like complaining. Actually everyday I complain but today I am sharing my complaints on my blog with all of my lovely readers!

They have to do with fall... well the expectation of fall. 

Every year, I expect such wonderful things from this wonderful time of year. However, South Georgia does not quite understand these expectations.

Expectation: Leaves of red and yellow falling from the trees. 

Reality: Evergreens... everywhere. For the few deciduous trees that do exist in these lands, their leaves remain green until they decide to just die overnight and fill the land with ugly brown crumbly leaves.

Expectation: Sweaters, leggings, and boots.

Reality: Sweat because it is still reaching the 90s every day.

Expectation: Drinking a hot cup of coffee on the porch each morning as the cool breeze blows through your hair.

Reality: Walking outside with your coffee, noticing that it is already 80 degrees and walking right back inside.

Expectation: Decorating your apartment or home with all the DIY projects you have been pinning during September.

Reality: Attempting one project, drastically failing, and going back to pinning future DIY projects.

Expectation: Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

Reality: Pumpkin Spice Everything!


  1. loved this! i am dying to wear leggins and a big confy sweater but it is so hot and humid outside :(

    1. Exactly! I am dreaming of wearing sweaters as I wear my t-shirts and shorts!