Fall Owl and Pumpkin DIY

Fall is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite seasons! The weather here has dropped about three degrees, the leaves are also slowly but surely changing colors, and the autumn breeze is present most days. All of these things have been wonderful on my morning walks to class. This slight adjustment into fall has put me in a seasonal crafty mood and I have been obsessively pinning all the things I want to try. For the plot twist of this story, I actually completed not one but two crafts off of my Pinterest board.

These bark owls are so perfect and my mother loved them so much that I gave them to her to decorate the house with for fall. 

To start you need to collect your materials:

Bark (if you live in an area without trees or bark... 1. I feel sorry for you and 2. Hit me up and I will send you some!)
Acorn Tops 
Pumpkin seeds 

I spent about two hours looking for "owlish" bark and eventually decided to just pretend that these two look like owls. Also, I decided to cut off the spiky parts of the smaller acorn tops for the smaller owl!

Then you just lay out the acorn tops and pumpkin seeds how you like and glue them on with the magical E-6000!

That is it! You then have these beautiful, natural fall decorations!

My second project was this super awesome pumpkin pallet. It is so simple but takes a little longer than the owls. You will need:

Buttons (orange tones and green)
Piece of wood (you could also use tin, or pretty much anything you like)
E-6000 (or hot glue)

First you will glue the burlap to the wood and allow it to dry. Then begin to lay out your buttons in a pumpkin shape. Once you are satisfied with your layout, glue them to the burlap. [ I glued mine one by one but I am sure you could spread the glue out on the burlap to make it faster...] 

Tell me, what craft are you dying to do this fall?

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