Favorite Fall Necklaces

I am not sure why, but recently I have fallen in love with necklaces. I used to wear the one same necklace day in and day out. I never experimented with layering necklaces or anything. Over the summer I was at a small gem store in the mountains and I saw some beautiful stones that I fell in love with. I thought that having a necklace with those stones would be amazing. Since then I have found some wonderful designers that make these beautiful necklaces that I was imagining. I have began expanding my collection by adding longer pendant necklaces to layer with the shorter necklaces I typically wear.

Now that fall is soon coming, I have been searching for necklaces to compliment my fall outfits. Several brands have necklaces that are perfect for both layering and matching the fall colors and I am excited to share them with you today.

MKM Designs -

These necklaces are one of a kind and they mix in vintage chains with new products as well. I love the colors of both of these necklaces and will definitely be adding one to my collection soon. 

I love how these pendants are made of several stones instead of one large stone. It gives the necklace a more unique feel, in my opinion!

These necklaces are the definition of simplistic. I love everything about these necklaces and can see myself pairing them with many patterns.

Vanessa Mooney -

These necklaces are a little less simple than the Torchlight necklaces but they still appeal to my simple tastes. I love the unique pendants and beads that are present on these two necklaces. While the prices of these are slightly higher than I would normally pay, I still look forward to picking one or two up. 

What necklaces are you loving for the fall?


  1. So adorable. I love the stones and boho vibe!

  2. These necklaces are all so pretty! Necklaces are definitely one of my guilty pleasures. :)

  3. those are some really pretty stones! I too am getting into wearing necklaces as well. :)

  4. LOVE! I seriously want all of them!! So many amazing choices and a lot of them could be layered. Fall fashion is seriously one of my favorites!

  5. These are all SO pretty and quaint. They'd look so beyond cute with long slouchy tees and sweaters for fall.


  6. These are all so pretty! These would pair perfectly with fall outfits!

  7. Love those raw stone necklaces! They're so dang pretty.