22 Fall Date Ideas


1. Bonfire!

Yay for iPhone quality! (2012)

2. Make S'mores 

3. Go to the park and act like children.

4. Go Hiking.

5. Crunch all the leaves while hiking!

6. Candy Shop! (need I say more?)

7. Drink cider and eat pumpkin pie while watching TV! (Hello, Sleepy Hollow!)

8. Plan out your perfect Halloween costume!

9. Go to a corn maze.

10. Pick a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch ... then... 

11. Carve Pumpkins!

12. Go on a coffee date! (PSL... here I come)

13. Go to a museum.

14. Go sight-seeing.

15. Plan a picnic while you are sight-seeing!

16. Go to the Fair!

17. Play airsoft or paintball.

circa 2012... enough said.

18. Go shopping together at antique stores.

19. Go Geo-caching. 

20. Take fall photos!

21. Volunteer together.

22. Go to a concert!