Sunday Sum-Up (Tuesday Version)

Happy Sunday (umm... Tuesday!)

What a long week it has been! I sat down this past Sunday to write my post and promptly fell asleep. The same thing happened on Monday and as I sit here on Tuesday night, the same thing may just happen again. I have returned home to my family for the Thanksgiving Holidays and I could not be happier. I am enjoying warm nights in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate and watching television. I am planning on doing as little as possible until Saturday morning when I pack up and head back to Macon for work.

So unlike last week, this week I had many new and awesome experiences that I am stoked to share!

Near the beginning of this week I was in downtown Macon with my guy and we came across a beautiful church. Because of our curiosity we just had to check it out. We were blown away by the beauty that lay inside. Check it out:

Beautiful, right? 

On Wednesday I volunteered at the Macon Rescue Mission with the children and I felt at home again. I have a love for kids and especially for special needs, sick, or less fortunate kids. Since I moved to Macon, I have not had a chance to work with children and I really began to miss having a group of kids to spend time with. Being with these children reminded me of why I changed my major from engineering to biology/pre-occupational therapy. I must say I am looking forward to growing with these children and making an impact in their lives. 

The rest of the week I worked and studied. I took tests and I packed my bags and headed home. 

At home I talked my mom into taking me shopping! She bought me the most awesome sweater I have ever seen. 

I can not wait to wear it in holiday pictures with my guy!

Finally, I must end my awesome week with some crafting. I may lack any artistic ability but I do happen to have patience and perseverance so I make it happen. I am currently crafting a Christmas present for my wonderful Big in my sorority! I happen to LOVE giving gifts and she happens to LOVE presents so we make quite the perfect duo! 

Now I am off to sit by the fire and read a book! ( #livingthelife ) 

Until Next Time, 


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