March Madness??

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So, if you are unaware there is currently something called March Madness going own. Until I went to Mercer, I really had no clue what this was but when I found myself attending the college that upset Duke I sort of go into the spirit... then I transferred. 

Basketball has never been one of those sports that I am super into. (football on the other hand is) Because my college is not involved in the March Madness tournament, I haven't found much reason to get into the sport.

I did suck it up though, and fill out a bracket as a part of the RUF basketball challenge but chose my picks pretty much by random. Villanova is my top pick, so I hope they don't let me down. 

Though basketball is not my sport, I look forward to watching the games with friends and supporting my chosen teams! When I go to friends houses for games, I like to look cute but not be over the top dressed up. Typically I will wear a simple pair of skinny jeans and a blouse in my school's colors. Since I am supporting Villanova I am rocking blue and white. (which are also two of my school's colors)

This year I decided to take my support a step farther in a fun new way! I decided to dye my under layer of hair blue! Thank to Garnier Color Styler, I was able to achieve a cute and fun look without causing damage to my hair. 

The Garnier Color Styler goes on dry hair and is like a liquid chalk that outshines all other hair chalks on the market. It lasts two to three washes and does not come off on clothes which is wonderful for my super long hair. It also goes on vibrant over my dark brown hair which was unexpected. 

I am super excited to use this blue dye in the fall for football season. I am looking forward to the days when I can yell GATA with all my heart to cheer on my team. 

If you are thinking about trying Garnier Color Styler but don't want blue you can pick it up in Red, Pink, Bronze, and Purple as well. If you are still on the fence about trying it then download the coupon below to save on any one Color Styler! You have absolutely nothing to lose. 

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